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H.O.O.D with Aldin Ajan

1. High Octane Obsession Disorder 

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Name: Aldin Ajan

Owner and Creative Director at Red Mark Marketing managing all clients accounts and marketing campaigns.

Also a Director at Arqviz Visualisation Studio focusing on direction and growth of the business.


Let’s talk about your all time favourite car… 

If you have one, what is it?
It would have to be a BMW M6.

What do you love about this car?
Most people use their car for getting from A to B, but once you develop a passion for cars you concentrate on the experience you get from driving a car and the M6 gives the best driving experience. The reason for that is simply because it is an absolutely amazing car! BMW M6 in my opinion is a gentleman’s coupe. It is large, it is luxury and with one button offers the power of a supercar. In fact it is a supercar, but without the status symbol, which means you can use it as a daily as well and only receive attention from people who have the same passion for cars.

What is your fondest memory connected with it?
A few years ago, I was looking for a new car and at one dealership I saw a 2007 BMW M6. At this stage, I couldn’t afford it so I pretended to be a serious buyer and a after a few smooth words, I was sitting in the driver’s seat ready to take the M6 for a test drive. Let’s just say the salesman wasn’t impressed with my driving.

A BMW M6 Coupe Gains Competition Edition

Now let’s get on to what you drive now… 

What make, model and year vehicle do you drive today?
2010 BMW X6

What about this car do you like the most?
The whole experience. It is like a sedan on steroids. It has the looks, the power and comfort and also the gentleman factor. I decided to go custom with the X6 and it’s currently going through a makeover estimated to be completed by today! For the past 3 months the X6 has had the following additions…

  • Turbo upgrade and a tune by DPL Motors
  • Hamann Wide Body Kit fitted and painted by Kustom Panel & Paint
  • Xforce – Varex remote controlled Exhaust by Prestige Exhausts & Mufflers
  • 22 inch Stance Wheels from Stance USA

If you could trade it in today, what would you trade it in for?
I am building this BMW X6 by my personal taste so I don’t think I would want to trade, at least for a while.

Aldin’s BMW X6 on display.


And finally to finish this piece off…

Where is your favourite destination to drive to?
The most amazing drive I have ever done was the Croatian coastline, but I would love to drive through Monte Carlo.


The beautiful view of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Do you have a dream car?

I would have to say my dream car would be a McLaren P1. Once you see it and hear it in person, you will understand.

A 2015 Mclarin P1


What’s your favourite soundtrack/song/playlist to drive to?
I really like the summer feel music. If you don’t know what that feels like, just listen to Coco Jambo and you will understand.